Marlena and John

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Our Story

Marlena and John initially met in 2007 at Kentucky Wesleyan College, yet it wasn’t until a fateful Facebook birthday message from Marlena to John in 2010 that became the spark of the love they share today. By then, John had already transferred to Northern Kentucky University, which, as luck would have it, was on the opposite side of the state from Kentucky Wesleyan. Yet neither distance, money, (nor initially even a bad cold) could keep them apart.

From November of 2010 until Marlena’s graduation in May of 2011, John would make the nearly 7 hour round trip trek across the state to visit Marlena in Owensboro, at least every other (and more often than should’ve been feasible, consecutive) weekends. Due to the realities of their long distance relationship (not to mention their desire to maximize their time together away from roommates) they spent the next 6 months watching nearly every movie worth watching (and some that were not) in Owensboro’s finest movie theatre, as well as enjoying the various parks and green spaces western Kentucky has to offer.

It was decided that, following Marlena’s graduation, they would move in together, living in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Not only was this close to NKU, it was also fatefully close to the vast majority of Marlena’s family, most of whom live in the NKY/Tri-state region. That being said, this wasn’t the first unusual coincidence that had brought them together, considering Marlena (initially from Cleveland) found her way to KWC via her family’s decision to move to a little known community in Garrard County, KY, where as fate would have it, is where John’s family was from.

While there were moments in the interim where John had planned to “pop the question”, he finally surprised her while walking together in their favorite local park, Tower Park. John suddenly stopped and pretended to tie his shoes, and then without warning, proposed. Considering you are here reading this, you can imagine her response!

Without further Ado, they are looking forward to start the next phase of their lives together and can’t wait to celebrate with you this October!
Jenifer Martino